Pwn9 Gaming Community Mumble Server


Hop in for a chat by dowloading at the link below and inputting the following information!

 After downloading the free client, follow these easy steps to connect!

A) Run the audio wizzard for the first time to get your microphone set up with the program


1) Go to the "Server" tab at the very top of the box.

2) Selext "Connect".

3) Click the "Add New" button at the very bottom of the box that pops up.

4) Use the following information to log in!

Label: Pwn9 (or whatever you choose to name it in your own list"


Port: 64738

Username: (your username here)

Password: (leave this blank) Sponsor's an open, public, 100 slot mumble VoIP server for general use!*

What is Mumble you ask?

Well it's similar to Ventrilo or TeamSpeak however we have found Mumble to be a superior product and therefor, decided to use it!

Plus it is totally free.

Get Mumble today and start talking with your friends while playing your favorite games!

Connect to our Mumble Server with default settings at:

It's that easy! Mumble at you later!


Mumble Rules1:

  • No profanity or otherwise harassing and demeaning language.
  • English only in the primary channels.
  • Use push-to-talk, full time voice will result in a mute, kick or possible ban.
  • Please obey channel ops and moderators with any additional rules they may have.
  • * Un-Registered Mumble users will have restricted access to channels and functions, in order to gain full access you will need to register your name and be granted permissions by a staff member.

1Rules subject to change at any time by the discretion of the staff.



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