The Exiled List



Every time he shows up, does MAJOR swearing+racism spam in-game and IRC. Has done massive spam attacks.


Extremely racist, tons of swear spam. Tries to get himself purposely banned.


Uses every chance he gets to login and swear spam. Gave him a chance but abused it and spammed even more.


Hacking threats, swear spam, general spam, made redstone devices to crash our server multiple times (Lag Machines + Glitch Machines).


Spamming on Nodus's IRC Channel asking for people to join and hack on our server. Spam attacks that lasted for days. Server hating.

(+ alts) 

All rules broken (, especially ban evasion by using over 100 alt accounts + proxies to re-join the server at any time.


DDoS threat on behalf of mvk2199.
"he has 40 booters that send 10k packets each... can keep 3 people down forever"


Server hating with massive spam attacks.

(+ alts) 

Major PayPal Chargeback Scamming

Co-Owner of prepvp (DT's Server); Saying that their pos server is the 'new better pwn9'; somewhat advertising ("Hey have you heard about prepvp?")


Using TheInfamousBear's account to spam: racism, server hate, harassment, swearing, and advertising.


Admin threats, server hating, tons of swear spam.


Racism spam

Trying to do a PayPal Chargeback from 2012, calling tremor's phone for non-emergency.

+ All of the Minecraft 'Hacking'/Griefing Teams, of course.


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