Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory Config Scripting Lesson 2

In lesson 1 we learned how to setup a simple script that we called myscript.cfg and "exec" it, and add our binds to this script.  The binds we added were simple 1 key, 1 action binds.  For lesson 2 we are going to make our config script setup our in-game settings for us, including things like our name and connection settings.

Step 1 of Lesson 2; Game settings in your script:

Starting above your binds you can start adding certain game settings to your script that will make your game performance better and take care of a number of things, start by adding your name with colors into the script on the very first line.

// Here is how to add your name to your myscript.cfg
Seta name "^0My ^5N^0am^5e"

Step 2 - Add some useful settings:

Now lets add something more useful below that, and above your list of binds. Here are some common settings to edit with a .cfg

// Mouse sensitivity = 1-32 = Higher is more sensitive
seta sensitivity "3.5"

// Set your max frame rate - 43 or 76 for is considered best bets.
seta com_maxfps "43"

// Draw a frame rate meter on your screen 0=false 1=true
seta cg_drawFPS "1"

// Max number of packets send to the server, lower setting reduce lag and higher settings increase "smoothness" try 60 for good connection and 30 for laggy ones.
seta cl_maxpackets "30"

// Be careful with rate, below 10000 will get you booted from many servers including Revolution. 25000 is a safe bet.
seta rate "25000"

// brightness of colors, default is 1 - I like 4
seta r_gamma "4"

// Trickjumpers - this one is a must.
seta pmove_fixed "1"

// Set your field of view - note most servers only allow from 90-120
seta cg_fov "90"

Step 3 - Test It Out!

Whenever you make changes to your script, copy the updated script into your /etmain foler. Make sure to keep a backup of your old .cfg in case you screwed up this one!  A bad config can leave your game messed up.

Enter the game and console ~ and do /exec myscript.cfg to update your script. I run /exec myscript.cfg before I do anything everytime I join a game.

There ya go, now you have game settings in your script

*** Warning ***

Game settings set improperly can cause erratic in-game behavior as well as, some settings are "illegal" for servers with anti-cheat enable.

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