Updated the Pwn9 texture pack

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I'm making a blog about this because apparently no one ever checks stickies!

I've recently updated the Pwn9 Texture pack to work with the most recent version of Minecraft.

I didn't edit the new mobs and some of the GUI may revert back to the normal one because I haven't touched the UI yet. I have edited most of the new blocks. I think i left the new ender block things alone, the potions and stuff alone, and the lily pads. So ya, there shouldn't be any obvious issues with it.


Here's a link to the post about the texture packs and what not: http://www.pwn9.com/content/pwn9-official-texture-packs

Here's the download link for newest Pwn9 Texture pack: Download

I'll post a picture of the texture pack in a few days probably.


So ya... feel free to leave ideas of what you want changed, what you want me to work on next, etc...


P.S. Everyone should check out that amazing loading screen from the previous blog!

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Why not work on the potions?

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