Pwn9 Rules & Guidelines

Pwn9 Gaming aims to provide a high quality playing environment for all its players and community members. To do so we must set and enforce a set of rules for the good and the protection of the community at large.  By using any of Pwn9 Gaming services (website, forums, IRC, Mumble, hosted gaming, etc) you are expressly agreeing to comply with these rules, whether you've read them or not.

General Rules:

  1. General rules apply to all other rules.
  2. Administrators & Moderators have the right to levy any action in any given circumstance as they see fit, regardless of otherwise stated or unstated rules. 
  3. Threats against Pwn9, it's Staff and it's Members will result in swift and immediate action, which may also include legal action. Such threats include but are not limited to:
    1. The threat of hacking, crashing, DDoS or other such threats.
    2. The threat of personal harm toward any Administrator, Staff or Member and their families.
    3. The threat of publishing personal or private information of any Administrator, Staff or Member and their families.
  4. Bullying, Harassment and Stalking are prohibited and in some cases may result in legal action.
  5. Unless given prior consent by the Administrators, there shall be no promotion of any games or other services using the Pwn9 Gaming brand.
  6. In cases where services overlap (Ex: Minecraft & IRC) the most strict rules from either service take precedence.
  7. Individuals who are banned from Pwn9 services may not avoid that ban by using new accounts, usernames or proxy IP addresses. 


Forum Specific Rules:


IRC Rules:


Mumble Rules:


Hosted Gaming Rules:


A Note On Bans/Exiles:

      It is customary for serious rule breakers to met with what we call an "exile". An Exile is a broad spectrum IP Address Block to any and all services that Pwn9 Offers.  In this regard, exiled IP Addresses of friends, family or acquaintances of the exiled member will also be banned.  It therefor is your duty to make sure that rule breaking behavior does not take place using your computer or network address.  As we have no real way to determine if usernameA and usernameB are not the same individual.


* These rules are applicable to everyone who uses any Pwn9 Gaming service including Administrators, Staff and Donating Members. Your Member status is not a license to break rules.

** In cases where laws are broken (copyright, hacking, harassment) it is our duty to report these violations to the proper authorities.




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