Concerning Random Missing Posts Within Forums

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Today I'd like to address the random, missing posts that have been going on within the forums.  First and foremost I'd like to make an apology to a few people who had their 'site editor' status removed while I've been trying to track down the source of this mystery... among those being Allie, Huma, Patate, Fate and several others.  While to some it appears these posts have been disappearing in a targetted fashion, I too have had one of my posts disappear.  So that left the remaining admins/editors - or, a website bug/glitch that was randomly deleting posts.  So in an effort to track down the source of this mystery, I have summarily removed all site editing abilities of all Pwn9 Web Staff with the exception of myself and dreamphreak.  If posts continue to dissappear after this, we'll know that is some type of website malfunction.  However, should I receive no further reports of this, we'll have to reconsider our staffing situation with the website.  If you too, have had a post disappear, please reply to this blog posting and tell us about your story.  

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Hrmmm, I do hope it is just a

Hrmmm, I do hope it is just a weird bug. It would be incredibly unfortunate if someone was misusing their staff tools.


(On that note, with how active I am >_> I will totally understand if you decide to not restore my admin tools. I haven't really been around, and it's not fair to those who are, y'know?)

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Allie!  Good to see you..  if

Allie!  Good to see you..  if you're still active in Guild Wars I know Beanar/Troll is always looking for someone to join him in the Mumble channel.  I was hyper active for a few weeks and then I got sidetracked again, but I'll probably be back into things soon enough...   sadly since the GW2 specs were released... I've kind of lost interest because my computer wont be able to play it.

Well, here's to hoping one

Well, here's to hoping one day you'll be able to upgrade? Where did you see the specs?


Also, I actually posted in his GW there's that.

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I would post if it'd let

I would post if it'd let all. Won't let me post on a recently created alt forum account even.

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i've been noticing that...

i've been noticing that...  your posts are being posted, but they are not being published..  its wierd

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Completely concur, tis being

Completely concur, tis being very weird. Oh yeah, silly, but any thoughts on that message relayed earlier? (Thanks again @ artic. ^.^)

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Maybe someone's caving random

Maybe someone's caving random people.

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Nope it's not cave, the cave

Nope it's not cave, the cave list is rather short and regularly maintained for accuracy.    I may have come across another possibility however and i'm looking into it.

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yeah a few of mine have gone

yeah a few of mine have gone away but not of late.....tho....for some reason everyonce in awhile when i veiw some post its freaks out and the font we get super big or small with lines in it. that or i cant view it at all. i tried using another browser but that also didnt work.

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@ the font freak outs, its

@ the font freak outs, its usually because someone screws up their signature formatting and the style clearing doesn't catch it. Clearly my fault for giving forum users too many options in their sig. 


@kai - I see your posting freely now, sadly, I can't pinpoint whether the issue was a plugin like cave/troll or if it was you signature flagging antispam, since you edited your sig and I disabled those plugins at the same time.  Atleast you are posting again.. - actually strike that, it had to be a plugin since you were unable to post on alts as well.