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GuildWars 2 On Sale This Week

For a limited time only Arena Net is slashing the price of Guild Wars 2 in half! From April 4 to April 13, save a massive 50% on Guild Wars 2.

This is obviously a promotional attempt in advance of their big content update coming on April 15th (think expansion pack, but free). If your even halfway interested in Guild Wars 2 this is the time to get it.  And when you join, try to join the "Fort Aspenwood" server, which is where most of people in the pwn9 sphere play.

Visit and pick up your copy today!


Say goodbye to Wolf:ET

Effective midnight EST, March 30th, the Pwn9 Sponsored, =HA= Wolf:ET server will be shutdown, perhaps forever. At one time in it's history this game server was in the Top 50 in the world when it was part of ]AR[ Clan, during a time when Wolf:ET was the #1 played game in the world according to X-Fire gametime stats at the time.  The ]AR[ Clan was home to some of the worlds BEST Wolf:ET players, including your very own tREMor who was ranked in the top 10 on SplatterLadder along with Mongoose (who was better than tREMor straight up, but focused more clan/team play than the public ladder) as well as players you've never heard off and some that are still around, like DreamPhreak of course and MagicPie, Tylerin, Bloodworn and more (under different names back then).


End of Pwn9

I tried to fight the credit card scamming of Reagan Greene aka DarkTemplar through PayPal, but in the end PayPal always side with the buyer. Fees and "chargebacks" resulting have put me in personal financial trouble such that, I can not continue to pay the balance on what it costs for the Pwn9 server per month.  With that, and the downfall of Minecraft of Pwn9 in terms of player base, and donations, I really have no choice but to close up shop.


Will Lion's Arch be Destroyed?!?

OMG I was totally right! Anet is gonna blow Lion's Arch of the MAP!!!!  Starting Feb 18th, if you got GuildWars2, awesome, be ready.. If you don't, you should..  this will be epic.

Check out the video it's pretty cool, but if you haven't been playing lately do yourself a favor and get a refresher course on the living world events that have been going on for the last 6 months, the story line has been building up and now it will be coming to its grand finale, and GW2 has not disappointed along the way... 

This last piece should be icing on the proverbial cake!



New pwn9 website theme.

After some requests to make things a little more modern and stylish I was able to implement a new theme for the Pwn website. It still has a few quirks, bugs and other things that I'd like to clean up and I'll get to them as time allows. If you have comments or find anything that you think should be changed/fixed or otherwise please post it in reply here and I will add it to the "to-do" list.  Hope you like the new look!


PwnRewards donations back online.

Fellow pwn9'ers and lovers of Minecraft - our PwnRewards system is back online for donations from the website. To find it just click on the Minecraft menu button and find "PwnRewards". There is a new change to our donations for in-game perks now however due to recent problems with a few players who tried to scam the system. 

From now on, your donation total will be tracked and limited!  We will no longer take donations over $30 in any given month long period for PwnRewards perks. This is designed to help us limit exposure to serious problems like, when children use their gramma's stolen credit card to donate hundreds, and then gramma gets mad.

Also, please note that if you are under the age of 18, you CANNOT donate for PwnRewards without express consent from your parent or legal guardian. Failure to get consent is a violation of our terms and you will be banned. 

Enjoy and thank you for your continued support of Pwn9!



The return of Pstones - long awaited..  early edition.. alpha.. something..   anyway,

Currently we are introducing 3 stones available for your use, and they hook to your clan, so your clan members can be in the same room and get the benefits of your placed stones.

1. Vampiric Redstone: The old favorite base protector. Damages at about 1 heart per second, has a field size of 11x11x11, costs $6000 to place. It can be broken by enemies and by allies/clan mates. You must SNEAK to place this block as a PStone.  Currently available via - silk touch only or possibly in player shops who have already silk touched redstone.


Potentially ending anarchy map, yasmp map getting replacement for 2014.

Just a quick heads up for Minecraft playes @ pwn9 servers.  We're looking to make a few updates for the New Year.  First, we'll mostly likely be shutting down the vanilla/anarchy map.  Second, we'll be replacing the YASMP 1.6 map (ship / town / factions) with a 1.7 based map.  

The new map - taking into account what everyone has been begging for.  Spawn will be nothing more than a small platform, dropping directly into pvp enabled, no build zone, where admins may add some structures and challenges, but the focus will be maintaining lag free pvp right near spawn.