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Minecon 2015 Part 1

So Minecon has come, and passed us by (I missed seeing it live again, sadly) dropping new features, details, and mechanics on us to either hate, love or study. The official title for the 1.9 update, is The Combat Update (originallity is highly overrated.) One of the features that grabbed my attention probably the most out of this update (Hey! It looks fun!) was their snippet unveil of:

               Dual Wielding.

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Daily meme watch

Hi everyone lewis here with the daily meme watch

I recently came across some FUCKING GARBAGE

look at this shit

In all my days i have never seen something so terrible 

I mean like for real tho

What are those

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GuildWars 2 - The Revenant

Since I went and dropped a cool $100 on the pre-purchase for the expansion I got into all the Beta events and early release stuff for Guild Wars 2 - Heart of Thorns.  This weekend, albeit not getting a lot of time to actually play, I was able to create and play on the new class, Revenant.  Which I was personally hoping to be like the Guild Wars 1 Ritualist, simply because I loved the OP ease of Signet of Spirits and Spirit Spam builds in PvE on GW1. 

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Who is interested in being a Pwn9 Blogger?

In an effort to rethink how this website works, less game-centered and less forum-centered, we've looked at some things we can refocus on like Twitch streams and user blogs.  Currently we have a handful of admins who can write blogs..   recent blogs are available here:

If you might be interested in writing blogs, simply reply to my blog post here with an "I'm interested" and we'll add you on as a Blogger.

Special blogger perks include a user badge and the ability to post blogs to the blogs page.. and if your blog receives enough up votes (thinking 5 or 10) we'll promote your post to the front page.

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Reminder about the streams page!

Just a quick reminder that the live streams page is up and running @ (Accessible through the drop-down list over the Home menu button)

If your name is on the list, when you go live it will show up on that page. Suggestions are welcome and requested.

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Happy Birthday Hero460!

I dont know what else to say other than Happy Birthday! 


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The Latest in Pwn9 News.

Just some updates and odds and ends in Pwn9 News for those who are interested.  First of all, our Minecraft Server "YASMP" has moved yet again, this time hopefully coming to a rest for a little while.  It is now on the server that was donated to us by  YASMP, Creative and eventually BattleZone will be hosted on here now on Minecraft 1.8.x replacing the previous servers on Minecraft 1.7.10 which included NyctoCraft Hardcore server..

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YASMP Updates!

Hey everyone. There are lots of great ideas floating around for YASMP, and we've managed to get some done recently.

  • ADDED PLAYER SHOPS! Do /warp shop  and read the info on the walls. There will be books coming soon with more information.
  • ADDED PRECIOUS STONES! Vampiric Redstone, Lapis of Life, Snitch. You can silk touch the ore blocks for free and will only be charged if placing them down. No refunds, plan carefully!
  • Added PlayerHeads plugin to make heads drop at a slightly faster rate
  • Serversigns plugin is fixed, this is what we use to give the rewards like at the end of parkour challenges.
  • Spawn Shop will be temporarily closed while it's moved to the center tower at player shops area.

It's the weekend! Come online and join us! Rent out a player shop early to reserve your ideal shop location!

Small update, we decided to price the shops based on how far away they were from the center plot (the warp location)

The corners (green) will be $500 every 2 weeks. Blue is $750/2w. Yellow is $1000/2w. and Orange will stay the same at $1250/2w.  So now people with low money can still get a shop but not have the shortest route to players. Thanks Devils666 for the idea, thanks Ivy_ for helping complete it. Remember you can get to shops with "/warp shop"

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