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Minecraft Vanilla Server

If you don't follow our Twitter or Facebook pages, and have been ignoring our Discord chat as well, you might have missed the news that we have had a Vanilla Cooperative (No-Grief) server up and running for quite a while now.  It is whitelisted, so you'll have to contact us to get access. 3 new players have been added recently, maybe it's time you join us as well!

Also in other news, I've decided to temporarily turn off all other pwn9 servers. They needed some tender loving care and need to be updated (They were in the 1.8 versions!), So Vanilla is the only server up for right now until things are fixed.

And seriously, you should join our Discord server already! It's is replacing our IRC/Mumble/Forums, you won't need any other VoIP software (TeamSpeak, Ventrilo, Skype, Mumble), or any other group chat software (IRC).  Besides our Pwn9 server, there are tons of other great public servers you can join too, mainly gamer oriented servers, check them out at

For both the Vanilla server and Discord server, you can see information about both on the sidebar to your right ->

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Pwn9 in Discord

Literally - Pwn9 admins Sage and Dreamphreak found and set up a Pwn9 server on Discord:

It's similar to slack but designed for gamers, with voice channels built-in.  Say goodbye to mumble, skype, teamspeak..  say goodbye to forums...  discord does it all for us. It's even intergrated into our IRC and minecraft servers.

We'll be announcing more about this as we figure out the plan but the idea is to make this the new platform from which to chat, discuss and game with our friends.

Get the app (or use your browser) - then ask a Pwn9 Admin for an invite link!



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GuildWars 2: Heart of Thorns Expansion is live!

On friday October 23rd, Arena Net released the Heart of Thorns expansion for Guild Wars 2.  While I have not personally been able to get online in the 2 days since due to internet problems, I'm excited to get on soon and experience the new content and the renewed excitement for the game amongst gamers from the Pwn9 community.  Players like Twilight Rose, King, Eviltower, Spikey, Cryptix, Scytale, Chess, and Bloodworn - and perhaps others who never really got into the game but have it, might consider jumping back in.  We've got the makings of a pretty active clan in BAMF right now and potentially could band together to do some of the new content like raids as a guild! 

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Town Adventures :: Weekend Event #1

This weekend we are holding the first ever Town Adventures weekend event. I think it would be nice to have this event every weekend. Everything is set up so I just have to enable/disable it quickly to get it going.

  • The Ender Dragon is back! It will spawn every weekend, regardless if the weekend event is running, though sometimes it might be tougher than other weekends to kill.
  • 1/10,000 chance to get a rare sword from regular mobs!
  • 2x the amount of claimblocks you can get for playing on the weekends!
  • Mob loot for most hostile mobs has been changed for the weekend, a chance for some rare drops!
  • Loot for other actions and other mobs has been changed as well, a chance for some interesting or funny drops!
  • Gold tools are now useful! But I can't reveal it's secrets, you have to play and find out. ;)
    • Will add more special drops for using gold tools in the future.

The event lasts from Friday morning to Sunday night. Suggestions for future weekends welcome.

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Minecon 2015 Part 1

So Minecon has come, and passed us by (I missed seeing it live again, sadly) dropping new features, details, and mechanics on us to either hate, love or study. The official title for the 1.9 update, is The Combat Update (originallity is highly overrated.) One of the features that grabbed my attention probably the most out of this update (Hey! It looks fun!) was their snippet unveil of:

               Dual Wielding.

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Daily meme watch

Hi everyone lewis here with the daily meme watch

I recently came across some FUCKING GARBAGE

look at this shit

In all my days i have never seen something so terrible 

I mean like for real tho

What are those

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GuildWars 2 - The Revenant

Since I went and dropped a cool $100 on the pre-purchase for the expansion I got into all the Beta events and early release stuff for Guild Wars 2 - Heart of Thorns.  This weekend, albeit not getting a lot of time to actually play, I was able to create and play on the new class, Revenant.  Which I was personally hoping to be like the Guild Wars 1 Ritualist, simply because I loved the OP ease of Signet of Spirits and Spirit Spam builds in PvE on GW1. 

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Who is interested in being a Pwn9 Blogger?

In an effort to rethink how this website works, less game-centered and less forum-centered, we've looked at some things we can refocus on like Twitch streams and user blogs.  Currently we have a handful of admins who can write blogs..   recent blogs are available here:

If you might be interested in writing blogs, simply reply to my blog post here with an "I'm interested" and we'll add you on as a Blogger.

Special blogger perks include a user badge and the ability to post blogs to the blogs page.. and if your blog receives enough up votes (thinking 5 or 10) we'll promote your post to the front page.

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